S-Perfume was born from scented sculptures by artist Mother S (aka Sacré Nobi). S's Olfactory Art Project will always be at the essence of S-Perfume products.

100% LOVE
February 2005/ Brooklyn, New York

A multitude of small clear plastic cosmetic jars were arranged on the floor in the shape of a heart which was filled by a bed of shocking pink scented plastic beads. The scent was created by legendary perfumer Sophia Grojsman (creator of Eternity for Calvin Klein, Paris for Yves Saint Laurent, etc...), and the audience were encouraged to take a jar of beads.

January-March 2003/ Cleveland, Ohio

Depiction of the seven deadly sins in collaboration with 7 master perfumers from around the world.

Perfumers: Annie Buzantian, Jacques Cavallier, Ilias Ermenidis, Harry Fremont, Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas, and Thierry Wasser

June-July 2001/ New York City

The olfactory construction of fear in collaboration with perfumer Thierry Wasser explored two different types of fear scents within a dramatic sculpture.

A • UN
December 1999/ Yokohama, Japan

10 different scents created by 4 master perfumers were placed along 5 columns in an open space in Yokohama, Japan. The public could experience the melody of the scents by walking through olfactory waves diffused by blue plaster boards. The 10 scents were a rainbow of contemporary and Baroque notes.

Perfumers: Annie Buzantian, Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas, and Thierry Wasser

January-February 1999/ Tokyo, Japan

The Pieta was sculpted in sugar and has a mesmerizing scent "Sugar Mountain" created by Thierry Wasser for the project. The piece was exhibited in 1999, and the scent could be smelled as far as 3 blocks away in the historic district in downtown Tokyo.

"This is like going off into a doze in class after lunch. I just wanted to spend some time on something stemming from my silly ideas and idle memories.... Putting these together in an installation is a bit like digging a big hole and ditches in your parents' yard and creating your own landscape." [Sugar Mountain]